Stting on StanageGeorgina was introduced to the study of macrobiotics around 2007 whilst doing Ki-Aikido with Master Sensei Rob MacFarland in Brighton. After attending a short introductory course led by the late Jon Sandifer and Maria Gillott, she went on to study briefly at the International School of Macrobiotics and following that, became an assistant to Maria Gillott (One World Summer Festival) for many years in Brighton and various summer festivals.

She also assisted Jack Lambeth at Penningham House. She then went on to study with Simon Brown in London for a short time before being the resident wholefoods / vegan / macrobiotic chef for Earth-Ways, a two week permaculture diploma course. Here she taught basic macrobiotic cooking styles, medicinal drinks, Dō-In and ginger compress. In 2015 she studied at the prestigious Kushi Institute in Europe and is currently a student of Macrobiotics America online.

Other than macrobiotics, she has attended the Coastal Survival & Foraging course with Leon Durbin at Wild Wood Bushcraft in Scotland and various mountain marathon endurance races as well as solitary trail running.



"Georgina has a very calming influence when she has been my assitant on macrobiotic demo cooking classes. She has the ability to be totally present, I could not have run the session so smooth without her help. Thanks, keep on cooking, Love, Maria"

"I have known Georgina for several years. She is a lovely, caring, knowledgeable person. She has helped me immensely with her wide knowledge of macrobiotics, nutrition and healing, besides being a wonderful cook. I am so glad she is now sharing her knowledge and skills with others. Jill Richter"

"As a permaculture teacher who knows how much food plays a part in happiness and wellbeing, am proud to have worked with Georgina on workshops and courses together. I have always really enjoyed working with her. Not only is her food delicious and nutritious, it is also prepared with love and deep knowledge of what our bodies need. Her dedication, care and commitment to quality are remarkable. The workshops on which Georgina and I worked together, were all top quality. In no small part due to Georgina's many contributions. Former students I meet many years later, often still remember with fondness the magic we wove together." Ludwig Appeltans, Earth Ways, www.earth-ways.co.uk

"During one of our seminars Georgina's macrobiotic catering service exceeded all our expectations with such wonderful food when she provided the catering for our members who were both vegetarian and carnivorous. All of them had commented how much they enjoyed the food provided. I cannot recommend her services highly enough." Bob MacFarland Chief Instructor, Brighton Ki Society

Georgina Richardson is a qualified Level 1 macrobiotic chef.

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